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  • LIDS Locker Room

    LIDS Locker Room

    LIDS Locker Room is the place to be for sports fans. With sports memorabilia for a wide selection of teams and leagues from NBA to NFL, to name a few, where else would you go but the locker room. LIDS provides this video to give the sports fan in you an overview of just what exactly the locker room has to offer.

  • LIDS Club House

    LIDS Club House

    Learn how LIDS is dedicated to expanding league and team recognition and how your brand can be represented through the Lids Clubhouse. Lids Clubhouse represents a number of different partners from MLB and NFL teams and events to NCAA Schools, all of which share a similar focus of reaching fans. Join LIDS and the LIDS Clubhouse and learn how to collaborate efforts to create brand consistency and maximize revenue.

  • LIDS Foundation

    LIDS Foundation

    LIDS' influence on the community can be seen from the neck up, but the LIDS Foundation allows for LIDS impact to go little deeper, supporting healthy and active youth programs. Learn how the two branches of Lids Foundation; LIDS Gives and LIDS Loves reach out and give back, and find out what you can do to help.

  • Who Is LIDS

    Who Is LIDS

    LIDS is one of the largest sports headwear retailers in the country. With hundreds of stores and subsidiaries like "LIDS Locker Room", LIDS is known nationwide as a leader in headwear and sports accessories. But do you know where the company got it's roots? Check out this video to learn about LIDS' history along with fun facts and statistics about the company.

  • New Era Video

    New Era Video

    No doubt LIDS customers have a great fashion sense, if your looking for some fresh new ideas on how to where LIDS iconic New Era hats, watch this New Era Video to see what others are doing. This New Era Video shows how various trend setters are wearing various styles of the New Era hats from 59-Fifty to snapbacks. Discover other styles and see what works for you.

  • LTD Series Hats

    LTD Series Hats

    Grab a LTD series hat from LIDS and walk away with exclusivity. LIDS is offering the LTD Series caps in various styles from summer snapbacks to winter dog ears to limited faux-snake skin bills. The LTD Series is only offering a total of 1500 hats in each style so once they're gone, they're gone. Learn how to pick up your LTD Series Cap today, and be unique tomorrow.

  • How to Protect and Clean a Hat

    How to Protect and Clean a Hat

    To learn how to protect and clean your hat check out this video! Start with the? LIDS Water & Stain Repellent. This protective spray penetrates deeply to repel water, dirt, sweat, and other causes of hat stains. Special conditioning emollients keep fabrics and leathers soft and allow caps to breathe so your head stays dry. It contains no ozone depleting CFCs, will not discolor or stain fabric, and is odorless when dry.

  • How to Store a Hat

    How to Store a Hat

    LIDS wearers take pride in how their hats look, part of keeping that look is knowing how to store your hat. LIDS can help. This instructional video shows not only how to store your hat, but also useful products such as the LIDS Cap Collector that will help you store them anywhere from the back of your door, to hanging from your ceiling.

  • How to Size Hats

    How to Size Hats

    One of the questions posed to LIDS employees on a daily basis is how to size a hat. As a result, we've developed a detailed video that will finally answer all your questions. Check out the following informational video that teaches you how to size your hat...It will ensure you always get your hat size just right. Make sure you've got your measuring tape!

  • LIDS Club Video

    LIDS Club Video

    Learn how different levels of LIDS Club Memberships get deals such as 20% discounts on embroidery, 10% discounts on products, and VIP access to new product releases. Discover which LIDS Club membership works best for you and start saving.

  • LIDS Social Video

    LIDS Social Video

    Whether its staying on top of the latest sporting events or knowing about the most recent fashion trends, Lids Social can keep you connected. Lids Social offers a variety of ways to stay in-the-know, from Facebook, Twitter, and Blog posts. In an age of communication consumer feedback is at an all time high, learn how special offers are a quick Tweet, "Like", or Share away.

  • Custom Hats Video from LIDS

    Custom Hats Video from LIDS

    Custom hats allows the customer to add a little something to their favorite team, gear up and support a local team, or just simply create something unique. Learn how Custom Hats let you choose from nearly 20,000 graphics, unique fonts, and colors. The easy-to-use online Custom Hats design lab gives you the ability to create multiple or a single piece of style.